How To Bury An Underground Electrical Cable In Your Yard

There are many reasons for extending the electrical supply from a home to an outdoor location or building: lighting a utility shed, installing a freestanding outlet or powering a swimming pool filtration system are just a few possibilities. While electrical cable can be elevated, burying the cable is a simpler and neater option in most cases. Burying electrical cable is a straightforward project for the average do-it-yourself homeowner and can be accomplished easily with proper planning and technique. Read More 

6 Signs Of Animals In Your Garage & Ways To Prevent It

The garage door is an important entry point to your home, but unfortunately, a lot of animals will see that same opening as well. Whether the garage door is left open or closed, a variety of animals can find their way inside. By contacting a garage door repair specialist, you have the ability to fix damaged doors and prevent animals from returning to the area. The next time you head into your garage, look for the following six signs of animal activity and learn about repairs or upgrades that can be made to stop it. Read More 

Being Proactive About Roof Maintenance Can Benefit Your Building

With rising costs and shrinking budgets, building owners and facility managers are looking to reduce costs and maximize their assets. But when it comes to roof maintenance, it's all too common for them to forget about roof maintenance until something noticeable or even catastrophic occurs. When it comes to roof maintenance, an ounce of prevention is more than worth a pound in cure. Adopting a proactive approach to maintaining roofing systems not only benefits your buildings, but also your bottom line. Read More 

What Are Your Best “Off The Grid” Water Supply Systems?

Whether you'd like to be well-prepared for an extended power outage after a natural disaster or simply want to reduce your family's dependence on public utilities, you may be looking into self-sustaining water and energy options. Fortunately, advances in technology now provide you with more ways than ever before to generate your own electricity and collect and purify your own water. Not only can you reduce your energy bills significantly, you can avoid adding further strain to an already overloaded planet. Read More 

Sink Clog Removal: 2 Mistakes To Avoid

Most homeowners have to deal with minor home problems on occasion.  A clogged sink is one of these nuisance issues.  A drain cleaning completed by a professional can help to eliminate serious clog issues, but you may try to take care of some smaller clog problems on your own.  If this is the case, then try not to make one of the mistakes listed below.  Otherwise, you may ruin your sink and even hurt yourself in the process as well. Read More