3 Signs You Need New Concrete Catch Basins Around Your Storm Drains

In locations where there are periods of heavy rain, storm drains are a necessity. However, storm drains can also be notorious for accumulating a lot of debris. To rectify the problem, many property owners choose to install a concrete catch basin around the storm drain that helps to capture the debris before it gets in the drain. These concrete structures can last for a lot of years without issues, but they do sometimes have to be replaced. Here are a few signs that your concrete catch basins may need replacements. 

The existing concrete catch basins are no longer holding water as they should. 

The primary purpose of concrete basins is to capture stormwater as it slips down into a drain and to house all that debris that you do not want making it into the drain. If you get periodic heavy rains and the rain just slips out of the creases and corners of the basin, it is often a sign of interior basin breakdown. In some cases, the leakage can also be caused if the ground has shifted, which is common in areas where there is a heavy amount of rainfall or a high concentration of water in the ground. In any case, you will need to get in touch with concrete contractors to help you create new basins. 

The existing concrete catch basin is growing brittle due to age. 

Even though concrete catch basins can periodically be refinished to protect them from the elements and can last a lot of years, these structures can also break down and get brittle due to age. Brittle concrete basins are common on older properties and properties that have a lot of saltwater exposure in coastal areas. This tends to be a reliable sign that it is time to do a replacement job. Depending on the severity of the problem, a concrete contractor may be able to refinish the basin so it lasts a while longer. 

The existing concrete catch basin is not large enough for the need. 

If you have a catch basin that is not quite large enough, it can generate problems during heavy rains. The basin will just fill up and regurgitate the debris and water it has collected because the basin is filling faster than the drain can wick away the water. While this doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with the basin itself, it is a sign that you need to have it cleared out and a new larger concrete basin built.