Great Shower Features

If you are having your shower remodeled in your home then you want to make sure the new shower has all of the features you want, so you will be happy with your new shower for many years. Here are some of the features that you may want to consider having put in your shower that can provide more functionality and give you a great looking shower.

A curbless walk-in design

You may want to have a curbless walk-in shower while you have the chance. If you are unfamiliar with this type of shower then you'll want to know the basics. A curbless shower is one with a floor space that is flush with the rest of the bathroom's flooring. The shower not only has a unique look to it since curbless showers aren't often seen in homes, but it is also functional with regards to making it easier for someone with mobility issues to safely get in and out of the shower.

Special glass shower doors

While you know you can have glass shower doors installed in your shower, you may not realize just how many types of glass doors you will have to choose from. You can choose glass doors that have specific designs etched in them, such as a border of flowers or butterflies that appear to be flying across the glass door. You can also go with fogged glass doors that give you the benefits of glass doors while still offering you privacy by not allowing someone to see clearly through the glass.

Unique showerheads

If you are used to seeing regular showerheads, then you should familiarize yourself with some of the many models out there that you can choose from. Some showerheads offer you fabulous features. For example, you can get a showerhead that extends out further from the wall, causing it to be right over your head. The showerhead will also be very large in circumference and will cause water to come down on you in the same fashion rain would. You can also have a showerhead put in that doubles as a handheld one which is great for functionality.

Glass shelves

You can have some glass shelves installed inside of your shower that give you the perfect spots for all of your shower accessories. Your shampoo and conditioner bottles can go on the shelves, along with your bar of soap, your jar of pump soap, your razor and pumice stone, or anything else that you are going to want to keep in the shower. The glass shelves will look great because they will give the shower a classy appearance. They also won't look bulky the way some other types would.