Water Pump Operating And Maintenance Answers

A water pump is a common piece of plumbing equipment that can be found in both residential and commercial properties. While these pumps can be highly versatile in the uses that they can fulfill, you might not have personal experience with operating or maintaining these systems.

Are Water Pumps Only Used For Wells?

The belief that water pumps can only be used to extract water from wells is especially common. While pumping water from a well is one of the more common needs for these devices, they can be used whenever water is needing to be moved from one location to another. For example, if you have an area that is especially prone to flooding, the installation of these pumping systems will make it easier to drain these areas when water starts to collect. In fact, it can be common for homes and businesses to have water pumps installed in the basement or other low areas of the building as water may pool here during periods of heavy rain, and this pump will be able to force the water out.

Is The Distance Of The Water Pump From The Home Important?

The location of the water pump is an important factor that you should give thought before having the pump installed. In particular, it can be beneficial to have the pump installed as close to the home as possible. When the pump is installed a long distance from the home, it can reduce the pressure of the water that is being provided. Also, it will be able to increase the risk of a leak developing in the system as there will be much more piping that could be vulnerable to this problem. While it may not always be possible to install the pump close to the home, you will need to account for these factors when the pump must be installed a long distance from the home.

Should The Well Pump System Always Be Buried?

If your property is equipped with a water well, you may be accustomed to most of the components of the well being buried. This can lead you to the assumption that all of these components will have to be buried. However, there is no actual reason for the well pump to have to be completely buried. In fact, you will typically want to ensure that the pump is easy to access as there will be times when it needs repairs, service, or other types of work done to it.

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