Eliminating Gravel Run-Off In Your Driveway With Paving

How long have you been dealing with the gravel washing out of your driveway into the road and your lawn? Wouldn't it be nice to skip the 2-hour after-storm clean-up routine that you've become accustomed to? How about skipping the gravel delivery next spring – sounds good, right? Well, this might be your year to make some changes and eliminate this dreadful task from your to-do list.

Have the Driveway Paved

The best way to eliminate your war with gravel is to eliminate the gravel entirely. If you're concerned about the cost of the project, stop and think about how much money you've spent on gravel in the last five years – add up the hours that you've spent shoveling gravel when you could have been doing anything more enjoyable. Now, what's it worth to you? Surely the actual cost of the project will pale in comparison to what it costs you not to have it paved.

Portions Paved

If you don't have the funds or the desire to have your entire driveway paved, you can have only certain areas of it paved. For example, if the gravel seems to wash out at the road-end of your driveway, consider having the end of the driveway paved and a small lip built-up to keep the gravel from washing away with the rain. Another reason that people only pave portions of their driveway is for tax purposes. In some localities, property taxes are assessed and the paved portions of the driveway will be taxed at a higher rate than gravel. If your driveway is taxed when paved, consider partial paving projects to improve the performance of your gravel driveway – this could be curbs built up on the sides and drains installed throughout.

Change the Slope

When the driveway is paved, the contractor can slope the driveway in a way that will slow the flow of water or maintain it in a more controlled manner. If you have better control over where the water is flowing, the easier it will be to clean up after the rains have passed. If you slope it too much one way, it could send the water back into your home – too far the other way and you could cause a wash-out in the road.

Drainage issues in driveways is a common problem. Eliminating the problem by paving the driveway is a common solution. Talk with the residential paving contractors near you to learn more about eliminating gravel run-off in your driveway this year. A company like New England Paving may be able to help.