Removing Hazards In Your Home

Older homes can sometimes have hazards theft behind from the time they were built that need to be removed to make the house safe. It is not a situation where you can deal with it yourself because some regulations and procedures need to be followed so that the removal is safe for everyone involved. 

Lead Paint

One of the earliest hazards that needs removing from your home is lead paint. Paint that was made with lead in it was commonly used on wood trim around windows and doors. The lead is still in the paint, and scraping at the paint will release it into the air. Toddlers that stand at the window looking out can be exposed very easily. It is not uncommon for them to bite on the wood, ingesting the paint and the lead.

The lead paint will need to be removed entirely from the home to make it same. Once all the lead paint is abated, the trim and other areas can be repainted with safe, modern paint.  

Asbestos Remediation

If you have old insulation on the pipes in your home, it could very well contain asbestos. The material is quickly released into the air by something as simple as someone brushing past the insulation and knocking the dust loose. If you suspect that you have asbestos in the insulation in your home, call a remediation contractor to check the home. They will verify if there is any hazard there and help you remove it if necessary. The removal and disposal is highly regulated so make sure you are working with a trained and licensed contractor, 

Mold Removal

Mold can be a problem in any home, but it is more common in wet environments. Some molds are extremely hazardous, and others are not a problem to deal with, but if you are not sure what you have, you may want to call in a mold remediation service to check out the mold in your home or visit sites like If it is hazardous, let them remove it for you. The spores that can be spread can become airborne, and breathing them can contribute to many different health conditions. 

If you have to have mold removed from your home, you may have to leave the house while the work is being completed. The contractor and their crew will use suits and masks when working with the mold, but it will be tough to keep it out of the air completely. It is wise to prepare to take your family and animals out of the home while the contractor is working.