Out With The Old: 4 Reasons You Should Replace Your Old Shower Doors

If you've been putting off having your shower doors replaced, you might want to stop now: it's the perfect time to have them replaced. Tax season is here, which means you can use your return to pay for the new shower doors. Not only that, but the weather is warming up, which means you can head outside for some fun while your bathroom is being remodeled. If you're not sure it's time to replace your doors, here are four signs that now is definitely the right time for new shower doors.

Your Doors Aren't Coming Clean Anymore

It doesn't take much to get your shower doors dirty. After all, they're exposed to soap scum every single day. Unfortunately, that soap scum gets tough to remove, and after a while, your shower doors won't come clean anymore. If your shower doors have become impossible to clean, it's time to replace them. Your new shower doors will be easier to clean, which means your bathroom will look better and smell better.

Your Doors Aren't Opening and Closing

With all the moisture your shower doors are exposed to, it's no wonder that they warp and rust. Unfortunately, once they do warp and rust, they're impossible to open and close. When that happens, you can have a difficult time getting in and out of your shower. Not only that, but your doors become a safety hazard, especially if you constantly need to tug on them to get them to open and close. You can stop the struggle and reduce the risk of injury with new shower door installation.

Your Doors Are Old and Outdated

Your shower doors may be functioning properly, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be replaced, especially if they're old and outdated. Old shower doors that have lost their appeal can make your bathroom look less than appealing. If you're just tired of the way your shower doors are making your bathroom look, get rid of them. Replace your old, outdated shower doors with brand new ones for a fresh new look.

Your Doors Are Cracked and Damaged

If your shower doors are cracked and damaged, and you've repaired them with silicone glue or duct tape, it's time to replace them. You may think they're still doing their job, but they're actually putting you at risk for serious injuries, especially if they break while you're in the bathroom. Don't take chances with your safety: replace your damaged shower doors.