Care For Your Cabin’s Chimney, Fireplace, And Hearth

You finally achieved your goal of purchasing a cabin in the woods to enjoy this winter on weekends and extended holidays. Before staying in your new digs, however, it is important to have the structure's chimney inspected and deemed structurally sound by a professional. Afterward, complete the following project to clean the hearth and fireplace's brick walls and decorate the mantelpiece so that you and your family member's can enjoy the ambience and the warmth while nestled in front of the fireplace.


  • vinyl or plastic sheeting
  • hand broom
  • standard broom
  • dust pan
  • trash bag
  • non-flammable cleaning agent (designed for use on bricks)
  • spray bottle
  • scrub brush
  • sponge
  • warm water
  • non-flammable decor
  • battery-operated lights
  • kindling
  • screen
  • portable radio
  • couch and loveseat
  • coffee table
  • deck of cards and board games

Remove Soot From The Fireplace Walls And Hearth

After the chimney is inspected by a professional, you will probably be advised to have the chimney inspected each year to ensure that damage has not occurred or that the chimney does not need to be cleaned. Make a note of the date that the inspection was administered so that you are sure to make an appointment when needed the following year.

Go inside the cabin and move furnishings or other loose items that are in front of the fireplace. Lay a couple pieces of vinyl or plastic sheeting on the flooring that is in front of the fireplace. Use a hand broom to sweep the fireplace's interior brick walls. As you complete this step, soot or dirt particles will fall onto the hearth.

Use a standard broom to sweep debris into a dustpan. Empty the dustpan into a trash bag. Pour a non-flammable masonry cleaning agent into a spray bottle. Spray the cleaning agent across the brick walls and hearth. Use a scrub brush to work the cleaning agent into the surface of each brick. Dampen a sponge with warm water and wipe off the clean surfaces. Wait for the fireplace and hearth to air dry. Dispose of the vinyl or plastic sheeting.

Add Kindling, A Screen, And Decorations

Purchase kindling or use a saw to cut logs into small pieces. Place the wood in the central part of the fireplace. If you do not own a fireplace screen, purchase one. A fireplace screen will prevent a fire from spreading and destroying parts of your home. If the mantelpiece is bare and you would like to beautify it, place non-flammable decorations or battery-operated lights on top of it. Avoid plugging items in next to the fireplace because electrical cords could melt if they get too close to flames.

Place Furnishings And Games Nearby

Place comfortable furnishings several feet away from the fireplace. If you chose to set a coffee table in front of a couch or loveseat, place a battery-operated radio, deck of cards, and board games on the table. Whenever you and your family members are sitting by the fireplace, spend the time enjoying yourselves by listening to music or playing a game.

Contact a company, like A Sound Chimney & Masonry LLC, for more help.