The Important Parts That Make Up Your Well

If you recently purchased a home with a well on it, it is important to understand the make-up of your well. Your well is made out of multiple parts and layers that all work together to bring water to your home. Here is a quick overview of some of the main parts and components that keep your well pumping:

#1 Well Pump

The pump on your well is one of the biggest and most important parts of your well. There are two different styles of well pumps. A submersible pump is located at the bottom of your well, and uses impellers to push water up and out through your well when water is needed. A jet pump is located at the top of your well and uses suction to pull water up from your well when you need it.

#3 Pressure Switch

The pressure switch is what lets the pump on your well know that it needs to get to work. When the switch is activated, your well starts pumping water.

#2 Pressure Tank

At the top of your well is a pressure tank. The pressure tank at the top of your well is designed to store water for when you need it. A pressure tank is also designed to take the pressure off your well pump. Instead of your well pump turning on every time you need water instead of your home, your well pump only has to operate when the pressure tank needs more water. Not all wells have pressure tanks, but they are a great way to extend the life of the pump on your well.

#4 Casing

Inside of your well is a casing tube. This tube is located inside the bore of your well. The bore of your well is essentially the large hole that is drilled into the ground and reaches the natural aquifer that your water comes from. The casing helps keep your well hole from collapsing and it helps keep dirt and contaminants from getting into your water as it is pumped out of your well.

#5 Annular Seal

In between the borehole and the casing is the annular seal. The annular seal is another barrier that protects the water in your well. The annular seal is designed to keep contaminants from the ground and from the surface out of your well.  

#6 Well Cap

The well cap is the part of your well that you see above ground. It is designed to cover the top part of your well. One of your well cap's main job is to keep moisture and contaminants from getting into your well.

Most well caps also have a vent on them that is there to help release the pressure that can build up in your well. The vent on your well caps helps keep the pressure equalized when the pump is in action.

These are the main parts of your well. For a more detailed explanation of how your particular well works, a well pump service can provide you with more information.