Different Ideas For Using Landscaping Rocks

If you have decided to landscape with some rocks, then you can use a variety of methods to get some great effects. Here are some ideas you may want to put to use in your yard when you are figuring out how to use landscaping rocks in your yard:

Make a rock garden in your yard

You can purchase river rocks, or even other types of rocks, to display in an area of your yard. You can lay them out as the foundation for a garden. Many people like to do this when they are going to be displaying succulents. This can create a fantastic effect that will become a great focal point in the yard.

You can use any size rocks, use a single color or use many colors. You can even make designs out of different colors if you choose. The sky is the limit when it comes to coming up with your own designs.

Use gravel to cover your entire yard

If you are looking for a low maintenance way to cover the ground in your yard, you can use gravel in the color of your choice. This allows you to go with gravel that compliments the coloring of your house. Before laying out the gravel, you want to make sure you remove all the weeds and then lay down thick plastic sheets intended for such purposes.

The plastic will help to prevent more weeds from growing through the gravel in the future. Once the plastic is laid out, then you can cover it with the gravel. Keep in mind, if you have dogs then you may want to keep a side yard or another area free of gravel and train your dogs to go to the bathroom there. Otherwise, it will be hard to pick up after them without picking up the gravel as well.

Use random large boulders for added effects

You can have very large boulders set strategically throughout the yard to help pull people's eyes in the directions you want where you have special decorations or displays of flowers.

Paint rocks for a personal touch

You can get any size rocks and paint them with your family. Set them anywhere in the yard to display them. This is a great way to decorate while having fun with the family, making memories and leaving special mementos for others to enjoy. You can paint the rocks with acrylic paint, but make sure you seal them after so they are waterproof.

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