Things To Consider Before Installing Engineered Siding

Homeowners love installing vinyl siding to protect their existing sidewalls, make their home more energy efficient, and to update the style of their property. It is an extremely smart remodel, no matter what your motivation for doing it. When you install vinyl siding, there are a few other things that you need to worry about. Most of these issues just amount to logistical and practical decisions you need to make. Here are a few smart things to think about before you install vinyl siding.

Figure Out Your Window Colors

First, you need to consider the color of your windows. Not only should you look at your window frames, but also look at the window sashes. These are still going to be visible once your vinyl siding is installed. Furthermore, most vinyl siding kits are two-tone. There is the main wall color and then the trim color. The trim will not fully encapsulate the existing window frame, meaning that the color will still be visible. Since most windows have neutral color, this is not a major concern. However, if you have repainted your windows a bright, unique color, you need to think about how this will match with your new trim color once it is installed. This ultimately means that you either need to change your window colors before you install your new siding, or you need to choose a siding color that matches with your existing window colors. Most people want their windows and trim to be the same color.

Exterior Pipes and Service Wires

When shopping for new vinyl siding, you also need to consider any exterior pipes, electricity, or cable wires. Usually, the vinyl siding will be able to go right over most wires, but this is not always a smart idea, particularly if you need to have your cable serviced in the future. This will just make it harder for repairmen to access the vital cables. Your best bet is to have a technician from your cable company come to your home and assess the situation. They will be able to tell you if the new vinyl siding will be a problem in regards to future repairs. The worst case scenario is that you will have to have your cables removed from your exterior walls so they can be rerouted after the vinyl is stalled. This might mean that you have to endure a few days without Internet or cable.

These are just a few small things that you need to worry about when installing vinyl siding. If you don't think about them beforehand, they could slow down the installation process and cost you extra money.

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