Securing Your Property By Protecting Your Investment - Maintaining A Newly Paved Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt remains a popular material for driveway paving due to its resiliency and smooth, fashionable look. However, once you've decided to commit to the investment that comes with asphalt paving, it's important that you take steps to make sure that investment is protected. Otherwise, you might find yourself frustrated by a surface that has lost its luster.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to maintain your paved asphalt driveway. Following these suggestions will help guarantee your surface remains strong for years to come, and will allow you to look out at your driveway with pride as well as security.

Auto Maintenance

It may not immediately occur to you, but keeping your vehicles in good shape will have a notable protective effect on your driveway as well. Leaks and drips from the underside of your car may create unsightly stains on the surface of the asphalt, and a concentration of some chemicals may even help contribute to the breakdown of the surface itself.

Improperly maintained tires may also lead to fractures and crumbling. A heavy load that's stored off balance will put uneven pressure on the surface of your driveway, and allowing a car to rest on asphalt with totally deflated tires can lead to stains from broken down rubber or even gouging from the vehicle's metal wheels.

Careful Cleaning

It's important to make sure you rinse away any potential caustic chemicals, such as ice melt, that might cause the structure of your asphalt to break down. Unsightly pock marks might result from metallic salts being in contact with the surface for too long.

When cleaning, however, it's important that you're mindful of the pressure you use. Power washers may be incredibly strong, and since asphalt is composed of a mix of smaller rocks with tar and other components, you could cause fracturing by applying strong water pressure in a focused area.

Regular Sealing

Like any other surface in your home, your asphalt will require occasional care and maintenance. Under hard exposure to an unforgiving sun, some bleaching may be inevitable. Unsightly cracks and faded spots may develop unless you take actions to regularly re-seal your driveway. Consult with your asphalt professionals about their recommendation for a resealing schedule, and if you have a large or unusually shaped surface, you may want to schedule professional maintenance that will be guaranteed to allow your asphalt to stay at its peak performance level.