Installing A Private Road For Access To Your Property Or Business

The location of a home or business on privately owned land with limited access can be a problem. If the land is not eligible to have a town or city road coming to it, you may have to hire a contractor to put in a private road to the land at your cost. It will also mean having to pay for the upkeep on the road, so making sure it is constructed right is important.

Working With Your Town or City

Before you start working on a road to your property, check with the municipality to verify where the road can be placed, if it can connect to their road when you get to it, and what the requirements are for maintaining it. Just because they will not pay for the construction of the road does not mean they won't help you work out the details or have some requirements about what they will allow you to do with the road. It is better to ask the questions and get the answers before you start work on the road so you can avoid having to tear it up and start again if you don't meet the code or standards for the area.

Finding A Contractor

You will want to start your search for a contractor next. A driveway contractor may have the tools and experience to do the job, or you might have to consider a larger company with road experience. The amount of work involved will dictate your needs, and you should get a few estimates with both small and large businesses. If they seem unsure after looking at your project, don't be afraid to cross them off the list. The last thing you need is a road that is not constructed properly and won't last over the years.

Laying Out The Road

Before you start to build the road, you should get a surveyor to come out and create a plan for you. They can help you determine the boundaries of the land, decide where the best route for the road might be, and give you a detailed report of the survey. Once you have the survey, the contractor can better determine what areas will hold up with traffic. Avoiding extreme angles, hills, and low spots are all important to the longevity of the road, and the survey will show where those trouble spots are.

Maintaining The Road

After the road is complete, you will need to keep it maintained. If the contractor that put it in offers maintenance services, it may be a good idea to sign a contract with them for it now, but you may not need to if they warranty the road for a few years after the construction. Talk to them and find out what the expectation for repairs and upkeep is going forward. If there is no warranty on the work, you may want to consider another contractor to construct your road.

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