Basic Plumbing Information For New Homeowners

Preventing some routine plumbing problems from striking your home is something that you may not have any experience doing when you first purchase a home. In order to be better prepared to care for your new home's plumbing, there are a couple of questions regarding basic pieces of plumbing equipment that you may want answered so that you can understand how to utilize them for your home's system.

Why Is It Beneficial To Opt For A Drain Snake Rather Than Chemical Clog Removers?

There are few plumbing problems that will arise more frequently than clogs. These issues can arise from several causes, but it can be a serious mistake to use chemical clog removers when addressing this problem. While you may assume that these clog removers are a safe and effective solution, they can actually cause substantial damage to the pipes. This is due to the harsh chemicals that are used in these products as they can degrade and corrode the pipes. By utilizing a drain snake, you will be able to effectively break up clogs without having to risk exposing your pipes to these potentially damaging chemicals.

Will A Drain Strainer Slow The Flow Of Water?

Preventing clogs from forming is something that every homeowner should take steps to do. In particular, the use of drain strainers can be among the most effective options for limiting the formation of clogs as these devices will prevent large items from entering the drains. Sadly, homeowners will often fail to install these devices as a result of fears about them slowing the drains. While it is true that a dirty drain strainer may cause this problem, you can easily avoid this by simply cleaning the strainers every few weeks. If your home has hard water, you may need to dissolve any mineral deposits that have formed on the strainer. You can do this by soaking the strainer in vinegar for several hours.

Clogs are easily among the more routine issues that a homeowner can find themselves needing to address. Yet, a lack of knowledge and limited experience with these problems can make them challenging for new homeowners to address. If you have recently made an investment in buying your first home, you need to appreciate the damages that chemical clog removing products can cause and the fact that you can prevent drain strainers from slowing the flow of water by simply cleaning them on a regular basis. Being armed with this plumbing knowledge will allow you to keep your home's plumbing safe and functional, which can help you avoid potentially expensive repairs. For more information, contact companies like Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company.