Making A First Impression With A Custom Entry Door

When someone comes to your home, the first thing they see is your front door. A beautiful front entry door is a great way to greet your visitors, and with so many styles to choose from, there is no limit to the design possibilities. While you may want to choose simply by the look of the door, there is more to consider when looking at entry doors, including the security of your home or property.


Most people will consider the design before anything else for the front entry door. They want the door to look great and fit the style of their home. There are plain doors, ones with very intricate carved designs, doors with beautiful leaded glass in them, and so many others. The process of choosing the style you like can take some time but in the end, you will want to pick out a door the feels right to you.


Now that you have looked at the designs of the doors available, you should take a minute to consider the security aspect of the door. Entry doors are typically heavier and often made from solid wood or a wooden core with a steel shell wrapped over it. The door needs to be able to resist entry into your home by unwanted intruders. The heavier the door is, the harder it is for someone to penetrate the door and get into your home.

Durability and Upkeep

When you are looking at doors, consider the material it is made from and how that affects the long-term durability and the maintenance of the door. A wooden door is nice but may have to be repainted more often than a steel door, for instance. Take into account the time involved in keeping that front entry door looking good so your guests continue to be greeted with the first impression you intended to give from the start.


Your choices do not end at the door itself. Once you have picked out your design, you need to select a high-quality lockset to go in the door. Being an entry door, you will want a set that includes the main door knob or handle and a deadbolt assembly. The door could be used with just the handle and main lock, but keeping the door secure under any conditions requires the strength of the deadbolt lock. When installed properly, the bolt engages deep into the frame of the doorway and will be very difficult to defeat from the outside.  

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