Change the Doors Inside Your Home to Transform the Space

Some homeowners look for elaborate and costly answers to solve the issues they face in their home when the solution can often be simpler than expected. Where doors are concerned, the existing doors throughout your home might be problematic for a wide range of reasons, such as that they make a room feel cramped or closed off. If you're facing such conundrums, it's worthwhile to hire a general contractor to make some changes to your doors. Dealing with doors on your own can be a challenge, but your contractor can get the job done to meet your expectations. Here are some types of interior doors that can be installed in place of your conventional doors.

Glass-Panel Door

Glass-panel doors are often grouped in a pair and known as "French doors." They can often be used to provide access to an outdoor deck or to partially close off a dining room. It's possible, however, to use just one glass-panel door to replace an existing door in your home. The benefit of the former type of door is its glass. If you have a small room that feels cramped or closed, your contractor can remove the solid door and install one with a glass panel. This can instantly make the room feel larger and more inviting.

Pocket Door

A pocket door is a door that slides open and shut along the wall rather than swinging outward in the manner of a standard door. These doors, while providing visual intrigue, are also highly efficient in cramped areas. For example, if you have a small bathroom that the swinging door essentially fills, this room is a perfect candidate for a pocket door. When your general contractor installs this door, it seemingly increases the floor space inside the room. Some pocket doors are available in a barn board–style finish, providing a cozy and rustic look.

Mirror Door

A door that has one or both of its sides largely covered in a section of mirror can blend functionality and style. The addition of this door can make the room look sleek and modern, but the added benefit is that the mirror will also subtly give the room a larger appearance. Additionally, if your wall space in a given room is limited, having a mirror door will essentially give you a full-length mirror that you can use for getting dressed and checking your attire. As such, this type of door is a valuable addition to a bedroom.

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