What Causes Moss To Grow On Your Roof?

Moss growing the roof can be troubling to homeowners. Knowing what causes the moss to grow on your roof and how you can get rid of it can help you take care of your home and property.

What causes moss to grow on your roof?

Moss will grow on your roof if the conditions are right. Moss prefers to grow in areas with little or no sunlight, and where moisture is prevalent. For this reason, moss can be commonly found growing on rooftops in wooded areas where overhanging trees cast the home into shade and drip water onto the shingles, causing the roof to stay wet for a long time after rain storms.

Can moss do damage to your roof?

In the short term, moss may not be a problem. However, over time moss can damage your roof by trapping moisture against the shingles. If the water can't escape by evaporating, it may instead be absorbed into the roof sheathing, leading to wood rot, mold and roof leaks.

What can you do to remove moss from your roof?

You can remove moss from your roof by scrubbing it from the shingles with a long-handled brush. To do this, mix a solution of equal parts oxygen bleach and water. Dip the brush into the water, and then use the head of the brush to pull the moss down off of the shingles. When scrubbing the shingles, follow these tips:

  • Never scrub the wrong way against the shingles. Always scrub down toward the ground to prevent the shingles from being pushed upward off of the roof.
  • Never stand on your roof to scrub off the moss unless your roof is very shallowly pitched. To remove the moss safely, stand on a ladder.
  • When you're finished removing the moss, spray down the shingles with a strong jet of water.

How can you prevent moss from returning?

You can prevent the moss from returning to your roof by making the conditions unfavorable for growth. You may need to cut down any overhanging branches or nearby trees. This will help the sunshine reach your roof and will raise the temperature of the shingles, encouraging water evaporation and discouraging moss and lichens from growing.

Once you've removed the growth of moss from your roof, contact a roofing company, like that represented at http://www.lifetime-exteriors.net/, to inspect your roof for signs of damage. If the moss has been on your shingles for a long time, you may need roofing repair in order to prevent roof leaks.