Use Reclaimed Wood To Bring Something Special To Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is your sanctuary, and you should take the time during your remodel to make it into something special. Reclaimed wood has become a popular way to create unique pieces that are environmentally conscious. Regardless for your reasons for considering this option, here are some ideas that make use of reclaimed wood to get your creative juices flowing.


Perhaps the easiest place to make use of this material is with your bathroom vanity. Many more traditional vanities are made of wood, so using reclaimed wood is just one more step in that direction. The only difference between a traditional vanity and one made from reclaimed materials is the age of the wood. No trees had to be cut to create a place for you to store your curling iron.

Even better, making use of this type of product allows you can create a centerpiece for your bathroom that is truly unique rather than just sticking with traditional designs. Whereas prebuilt furniture all looks the same, reclaimed wood is by its very nature unique. You need to work with what you can find, and the weathering of age in the wood makes it something special. While you should have an overall plan in mind, make sure you are ready to be flexible and work with your materials.

Shower Enclosure

Using wood in the shower enclosure seems counterintuitive, but it's simply a matter of making sure the wood is sealed properly. It can be a beautiful alternative to tile or glass, especially when you would prefer a natural look to your bathroom. The options are endless-- anything from a full enclosure to a few posts that hold together a more traditional glass enclosure. The floor, the walls, and the supports are all parts of the shower enclosure that can be replaced with wood. How much or how little you use depends on your tastes and how much of the space you want to make out of natural materials.

When looking for wood sources for your enclosure, try to stick with ones that were originally outdoors. Whether you want wood that weathered look, or you are going to strip the paint and refinish the pieces, this will ensure that the wood you are getting is already able to hold up in a moist environment. Cedar, in particular, is a solid choice for a material that will hold up for years without rotting. After that, it is simply a matter of building the space, sanding away any potential splinters, and liberally sealing your new enclosure.


If you aren't up for the serious carpentry required to build a piece of furniture for your new bathroom, don't give up on this unique material. There are plenty of smaller pieces you can make instead of, or in addition to, the key parts of your new bathroom. Take a look around your current bathroom. Any item in that room that is screwed into the wall or set on a shelf can be made of reclaimed wood.

If you still want reclaimed wood to play a prominent role in your bathroom, you might want to try some of the larger accessories such as your towel rack or some shelving. If you just want a touch of wood in a bathroom made of other natural materials, then smaller items such as toothbrush holders or soap dishes may be more your speed. The nice thing about going this route is that these items are easier to replace if you decide you want to go in a different direction.

Reclaimed wood is an amazing material for any room in your home, and the bathroom is no exception. Hopefully, these ideas have sparked a vision for how this material would work within your remodeling project.

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