Five Attractive Garage Door Styles to Boost Your Curb Appeal

The garage door is an all-too-often overlooked opportunity to increase your home's curb appeal. By choosing a garage door that coordinates with the rest of your home, but also stands out and calls attention to itself, you can set your home apart from others in the area. Here's a look at five unique, attractive garage door styles to consider.

Industrial Metal

If you have a modern home exterior with clean lines and simple geometry, an industrial-style metal garage door will look perfect. Dark steel or aluminum arranged in thin, horizontal panels looks just unique enough to attract attention, but not so different from a run-of-the-mill garage door that it will make your home look odd. Another option is side-by-side, vertical metal panels of alternating light and dark shades. For a little extra embellishment, you can have your house number or some decorative symbols etched into the top of the door.

Swing-Out, Wooden Carriage Doors

For a country-style home, carriage-style doors that swing out rather than folding up are a beautiful choice. This style of doors features horizontal wood panels on the bottom and several framed windows at the top. The two doors come together in the middle just as a set of double doors inside your home would. Carriage-style doors can look good stained or painted -- whichever matches the rest of your home exterior the best. If you have a natural, stained fence, staining the doors to match is a great way to pull together your outdoor look.

Note that this style of garage door is not ideal for areas that receive heavy snow, since snow drifting against the doors will prevent them from opening.

Glass Panel Garage Doors

As another option that's perfect for a modern or transitional home, glass panel doors make for a lighthearted, sunny look. Most glass garage doors consist of a grid-like arrangement of glass panels with sturdy supports between them. This way, if one panel breaks, only that panel needs to be replaced -- not the whole door. For privacy reasons, it is best to choose frosted glass. This lets light into your garage without allowing would-be thieves to see the contents of your garage.

Patterned Fiberglass Garage Doors

Do you prefer busy, patterned looks to sleek, simple ones? Fiberglass garage doors often come with detailed patterns pressed into their surfaces. You could find a unique geometric pattern, or even one that depicts something you love, like flowers or horses. These fiberglass doors come in an array of colors -- both natural and bright -- so your options are virtually unlimited. They typically have a steel core to make them more durable.

Stained Glass-Embellished Garage Doors

If you have a Craftsman-style home, stained glass can add to its authentic appeal. Wooden garage doors with stained glass panels near the top are a popular option. Make sure you choose wood with a natural finish rather than paint, since this is the Craftsman ideal. The stained glass should feature an intricate geometric pattern, rather than displaying a specific image or character.

Of course, even if you do not have a Craftsman home, a garage door with stained glass can look classy. To match more modern architecture, consider looking for stained glass with bright colors and specific images.

When the time comes for a new garage door, don't just choose a run-of-the-mill vinyl or aluminum door. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your home's look by choosing one of the unique, attractive doors discussed above. Talk to your local garage door supplier to learn more about these options and determine which are most compatible with your home. You may also want to consider looking into the websites of local garage door specialists, such as, for more information.