2 Important Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Service

Properly maintaining a septic tank system can provide the homeowner with a reliable service for a long time. So, how will you know when the septic system needs to be serviced? Here are some important tell-tale signs.

The Grass is Extra Green

Everyone wants to have that perfectly green and lush lawn, and there are plenty of legitimate ways to get this. However, overfilling your septic certainly isn't one of them. While it is common to have that part of the yard be a little extra bright, extra green grass in the drainfield is often the first sign that your septic system is in desperate need of service.

The material in your septic tank is full of nutrients that plants would love to sink their roots in. This is why you aren't supposed to plant trees anywhere near the drainfield; their longer roots will make their way into your tank in no time. If your drain field isn't draining properly, the liquid will start to rise to the surface, and as it does, it will start to feed the grass.

Water is Pooling in the Yard

It's normal to have a few puddles in the yard after a rainstorm, but not so much when it has been dry for awhile. Regardless of how the local vegetation is doing, standing water around your septic system is always cause for concern. This usually occurs because the pipes are clogged. Tree roots are a common cause, as are broken pipes or a system that is simply too old to continue.

The water in those puddles is probably toxic, so you should keep children and pets far away, and make an appointment to get the system repaired as soon as possible. It is also best to stop compounding the problem by adding more water to the system. It is a good time to visit friends or family, but if you are stuck at home, you should still use as little water as possible.

It's Time for Your Scheduled Service

The purpose for cleaning a septic tank is to remove and prevent sludge from entering the septic tank field lines. Furthermore, the cleaning of a septic tank will prevent the smell of septic waste building up and the presence of septic waste in the home. However, proper maintenance does require some considerations to ensure that no seepage will occur during the cleaning.

To determine how regularly a tank should be cleaned, you must consider the number of people utilizing the septic tank system. The greater the amount of people using the tank, the shorter the amount of time between tank cleanings. A tank that services 1-2 people will only require cleaning every 4-5 years, but if there are more people in the picture the tank should be cleaned every 2-3 years.

Now that you know how often the tank should be washed, you must ask what resources should be used to do the scrubbing up. Generally, detergents and bleach are used to break down the solid septic waste build-up. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, you may have to go with a stronger product. When in doubt, call in a professional like Walters Environmental Services Inc. to pump and inspect the tank.

Keeping your septic system properly maintained is an important part of keeping your house safe and comfortable. As soon as you come across one of these telltale signs of septic system problems, schedule an appointment with a qualified technician. Because having your system replaced is so expensive, you do not want to play around with not getting it repaired promptly.