Building Your Dream Home? 3 New And Cool Technologies For Residential Windows

Are you getting ready to build your dream home? Do you want every nook and cranny of your new pad to ooze with the newest gadgets and latest technology? Make your windows no exception -- read on for 3 of the coolest new technologies in residential windows.

Self-Cleaning Windows

Self-cleaning windows are sprayed with an ultra-thin layer of titanium dioxide. In the scientific world, titanium dioxide is known as a photocatalyst, which means that, when exposed to ultraviolet light, it can change the molecular composition of other things it comes in contact with. Water molecules, for example, will turn into little organic matter-eating hydroxyl molecules upon hitting a titanium dioxide-coated window that has been activated by sunlight.

Titanium dioxide also breaks up water molecules, so instead of beading up on a window, rainwater will hit the window, spread out, and then run off of it. What all of this means is that a person who invests in titanium-dioxide glazed windows will pay 15 - 20 percent more than they would if they purchased non-glazed windows, but they'll enjoy effortless, free window washes and rinses for years to come.

Transition Windows

One window manufacturer has taken the technology behind transition eye wear to an entirely new level with windows that change shades of tint on their own! Transition windows are created with a thin layer of electrochromic material placed between 2 layers of glass.  As sunlight passes through this smart-material, it is modified in such a way as to block out visual light and/or heat-producing light.

The windows offer various tint shades and are engineered to cycle through the shades at various levels of sunlight exposure; however, you aren't limited to those settings. You can manually adjust the level of tint on your transition windows with a remote control or a handy-dandy smartphone app.

What makes this new transition window technology so great? If it's hot in your house, but not bright, you can allow the sunlight in and block the sun's heat at the same time. If it's cool in your house, but a little too bright, you can allow the heat from the sunlight in, but block out the brightness. Transition windows make sunlight your minion, to be controlled at your whim for maximum comfort.

The best part is that these windows can actually save you money by allowing you to more effectively control the heating, cooling, and lighting of your home!

Impact-Resistant Windows

As long as you're making your windows super cool, why not make them indestructible, too? This breakthrough in window technology comes from the automotive field where it has been used for decades to protect super important people like the president and the pope.

Impact-resistant windows come in 2 varieties. The first and cheaper of the two options prevents glass from shattering with a thin film applied on top of the glazing. Should something hit the window and break it, all the little shards of glass will be held together by the film.

More advanced impact-resistant windows have a shatter-proof membrane laid in between two pieces of glass. All three layers are then secured in a sturdy frame and fastened tightly to the home.

The glass in these windows can still break, but the window will remain in place, effectively protecting the interior of your home from intruders, hurricanes, or anything else that threatens it. 

Windows aren't just panes of glass anymore. You can go to sites and have windows that actually function to make your life better or easier. Before you put boring old windows in your dream home, contact your local window installer to find out what new and exciting residential window options are available in your area.